Problem Statement

DEPARTMENT OF ST,SC OBC and Minorities Development:

The Department plays a key role in poverty alleviation,inclusive growth and overall development of tribes,scheduled castes and other backward and weaker sections of the society.In view of this,various government flagship programmes/schemes have been implemented where in each programme aims to provides support and cater to address problems faced in specificareas.Through these schemes the Department aims to improve the quality of life, correct the developmental imbalances and to extend assistance to the most disadvantaged sections of the society.Key issues being targeted include lack of education,higherskills,unemployment,livelihoodgeneration,connectivity,socialassistance,better health indicators preserving social ethos and cultural practices and traditions.

For THE Chhattisgarh Tribal Hackathon they seek solutions to the following problem statements:

  1. "A centralized dashboard-a one stop source of information about all govemment programs and schemes under Tribal Sub Plan Area:"
    Tribal Population comprises of more than 30% of the population of the State and the under the Tribal Sub Schemes commitment 30% of the state budget should be outlaid for tribal subscheme area erstwhile known as the tribal sub plan area.Grants under Special Central Assistance to Tribal Sub Schemes and under Article275(1) should also be spent in tribal dominated areas defined as an area having more than 50% tribal population.This outlay as well as expenditure has to be regularly monitored under State Budget as well as various Central ly sponsored schemes as well as centre sector schemes.
    The Department intends that all users including departments and beneficiaries should be able to view up to Gram Panchayat level the allocation of funds under tribal sub plan area to the villages schemewise in ITDP Project areas.A handy mobile app may also be developed to leverage this inter departmental database on Tribal Subplan to ensure better policy making and may be used by the beneficiaries as well as all stakeholders.
    There are many schemes and programmmes which will thus be covered within the purview of the tribal sub plan thus a platform/dashboard or mechanism using which the various departmental schemes can be ranked on the grounds of Tribal Sub Schemes key performance indicators where in the Secretary or the Commisssioner can have a sccess to all schemes performance based on specific parametres with limited dependency on contacting individual specific departments or involving manual interactions.
  2. An android based solution for mobilizalion/idenlification of beneficiaries of Antyavasayee Vitta Vikas Nigan:"
    Antyavasayee Vitta Vikas Nigam has plenitude of monetary and process oriented benefits aligned to support candidates.It is important for the candidates to know what he/she is eligible for and it is equally important from the Departments perspective to know whether the beneficiares are being given the support that's mandated.
    A tool is required that opens communication directly with the beneficiaries-right from mobilization ,training to post placement and can be invaluable to manage as the finance assistance schemes of the Antyavasayee Vitta Vikas Nigam.
  3. A tool to monitor the effective implementation of CMs 11 Point Program: Alogrithm/mechanism for analyzing and estimating percent achievement for PVTGS under all Govememnt Flagship schemes
    Unique tracking and profile creation of all 1,60,000 individuals falling under the Particularly vulnerable tribal groups.Tracking their educational status,health indicators,housing,sanitation and drinking water supply,ration card distribution under various flagship schemes of the Government.