Rules for participants

  1. The team size can be between 1 and four people per team.
  2. Teams can be made up students, entrepreneurs, coders and volunteers at the event.
  3. Teams can of course gain advice and support from organizers, volunteers, sponsors, and others.
  4. Teams can use an idea they had before the event.
  5. Teams can build on existing ideas that have already been done. Hacks do not have to be “innovative”. If somebody wants to work on a common idea they should be allowed to do so and should be judged on the quality of their hack. These days it’s hard to find something that’s fully original and teams might not know an idea has been done before anyway.
  6. Teams can work on an idea that they have worked on before (as long as they do not re-use code).
  7. Teams can use libraries, frameworks, or open-source code in their projects. Working on a project before the event and open-sourcing it for the sole purpose of using the code during the event is against the spirit of the rules and is not allowed.
  8. Adding new features to existing projects is allowed. Judges will only consider new functionality introduced or new features added during the hackathon in determining the winners.
  9. Shortlisted teams will be given advice and mentoring.
  10. All selected teams will need to be present at the Venue, Pandit Deendayal Upadhyay Auditorium, Science College, Raipur, at 10 AM on December 11th 2017.
  11. Teams may be asked to present/demo their solution to a panel of judges. Teams can make changes to the solutions before finally submission.
  12. Results will be declared on the same day.


First Prize Rs 75,000
Second Prize Rs 50,000
Third Prize Rs 25,000
Consolation prizes for positions 4 to 10. Goody bag for all shortlisted candidates.

Important Date

Final date for collection of entries 5 December
Announcement of shortlisted entries 9 December
Mentoring and query 10 December
Final hackathon and presentations 11 December